Quick Question about rigs

Hey all, in my world of freelancing for indies, I’m seeing a lot of discussion about using MayaLT because its only 50 quid a month.

Unfortunately it doesn’t support a lot of stuff, including Set Driven Key, expressions, splineIK solver etc. So basically. pretty much all rigs we know and love won’t work, neither will auto riggers.

Ofcourse theres workarounds etc, could build an LT rig with just the features they support, although I’ve not tried this.

My question is, has anyone animated with the maya built in HumanIK rig? Do they like it?

I’m just hearing from some non-animator folk that they think MayaLT, despite its limitations is enough for game dev, and, by extension, humanIK is fine, but I’ve not used it.


2 thoughts on “Quick Question about rigs

  1. Hey man,
    Well I can only speak for me but I’m using Maya 2014, so MayaLT wasnt a consideration. Looked at the human IK rig a little but mainly for the reason of getting fbxs imported into Maya straight onto a rig like 3D studio Max does. Not tried animating a character though, I’m guessing it’d be similar to handkeying in Motionbuilder. I think most people are put off by all the settings,etc to get the humanIK rig working plus most have much more experience in just using custom Maya rigs. I wouldn’t of thought most animators would use MayaLT if it has limitations. I think even most indie devs would fork out the money for the full maya for their animators if pressed. Makes sense for the rest of the non-animator team to have MayaLT though I guess if money is an issue.

  2. well it doesnt have any features at all, not evena a reverse foot or anything, so yeah it can be used for pure keyframe but I think considering this and other limitations of LT = ie, no auto riggers, it’d be worth going for the full maya. From what I understand, software licenseing is tax deductable anyway

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